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SDAA - Melina Alonzo by Grudge-Glamorous SDAA - Melina Alonzo by Grudge-Glamorous

: Melina Ann Alonzo, more commonly referred to as Mel

Age: 17 years old

Height: 5' 4"

Race: Manananggal - A vampiric creature of the Philippines, the manananggal is describes as a beautiful Filipino woman, who only comes out at night and has the ability to separate her upper body from her hips and legs, and flies with a large pair of bat wings. The manananggal then feasts by draining the blood from living fetuses. It is said that garlic, salt and vinegar are fatal when sprinkled on the bottom half of the creature, because this leaves it unable to reattach itself. If this happens, the manananggal will die at daybreak.

Nationality: Filipino

Grade: 12th grade

Relatives: Corbin Ocampo the Kapre, cousin, 11th grade. Vaughn Ocampo the Kapre, cousin

Style: That ain't cool (watch the video in the soundtrack area)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant body markings: Rosary tattoo on right ankle

Favorite Class: Philosophy

Favorite Teacher(s): Ms. Pandora Black the Black Cat, Philosophy teacher

Club(s): WWHS GSA

Crush/Steady: is the unwilling object of affection (or lust,) of Allen "Baku-Naw" Bautista, tha Bakunawa, is rumored to have some interest in one of the Fletcher brothers

That Ain't Cool by Koda Kumi feat. Fergie

Girl Fight (remix) by Brooke Valentine feat. Lil' Jon and Remy Ma

Info: You know that one girl in your high school, the one that you see every now and then, and all you think is "that's a whore right there", even though you've never talked to her, and the only thing you know about her are from stories other people tell you, so there may be absolutely no truth in the stories at all?

That's Melina.

Mel is pegged as a partying, goldigging whore, making her extremely unpopular with the female population of Wormwood. In reality, Mel does like parties (she's out and about at least 4 nights a week), and she isn't against accepting gifts from guys (it may be shameless, but she finds it rude NOT to accept a gentlemans' courtesy.) She, however, is NOT a whore. Just because you're out every night, doesn't mean you can't be a lady.

An animal-print, fashionably trampy clothes wearing, bloodsucking, vampiric demon lady, but a lady none-the-less.

Melina just enjoys exuding her sexuality, and if that makes her a whore, then so be it. She'll live her life according to her rules, thank you very much.

The only people (thus far) that know Melina enough to know who she actually is, are Team Fierce. Not that they fully approve of her nightlife-style, mind you. In fact, more often than not, they're trying to work her out of it.

Something people don't realize about Melina is that she isn't all sex eyes and swinging hips. In middle school, Melina was actually kind of a bookworm-y nerd and well, cute, in a "God bless her, she's trying" kind of way. In the 8th grade, she was able to score a date with Allen Bautista the Bakunawa, and foolishly thought he was going to be her boyfriend. Until he blatantly dumped her before graduation. That summer, Melina was determined to make him suffer, and vowed to never get duped like that again. So she might not exactly have the best book smarts, but Melina Alonzo has become incredibly astute when reading body language and when delaing with couples.

Mel fancies herself as kind of a relationship expert, and every now and then, gives some unwarranted advice to couples in need. Sometimes her advice is smart, if not a little intrusive, like when she told Bebe to stop being so damn uptight and go out with X already. But more often than not, her advice gets a little detrimental to the well-being of a relationship, like when she tells Sully to confront Corbin about Ethan. How fun.

Aside from Team Fierce, Melina regularly spends time with Hans Rothschild, Hansel. Besides being an all-around good friend, Hans, probably more than anyone else in the school, knows how to look like a real lady. See, despite having something of a hard shell, every now and then, Melina gets stung by other peoples' disapproval of her. One of the people that seems to excel at this is Juniper, the Dryad. Melina has an OBVIOUS hatred for June, because the dryad is so put-together and perfecr and preppy and has perfect grades, and, no matter what, always seems to be able to make Melina ashamed for being who she is.

Melinas' favorite (if not only) daytime hangout spot is The Random Cafe. She likes to stop there at least 5 times a week for a mocha latte and chatting up one of the waiters, Sully Archfield, her cousin, Corbins', boyfriend. Melina has a talent beyond talents for weaseling information and blushes out of the smoke spirit. She always speaks to him in a way that would make one eavesdropping that she secretly disapproves of the relationship, but that's not the case. Melina thinks Sully is the best thing that's happened to Corbin, and well, wants to be in on the juicy details.

Being so involved in the relationships of others, it's pretty shocking to learn that Melina herself is single. There is a rumor, floating around, however, that she's interested in one of the well-known Fletcher brothers. Whether it's Lucifer, Gabe, Raph, or even Mike, no one is exactly sure.

Melina could NEVER be a babysitter, due to her manananggal heritage. She also hates garlic, salt and vinegar, because she's extremely allergic to them, and when she gets REALLY crazy dancing, she sometimes accidentally separates her torso from her legs, scaring the crap out of anyone around.


I hope you re-read that bio.

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