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June 23, 2011


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  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: That honey That sugar That spice
  • Reading: sorrowfree
  • Watching: you're a pal and a confidant
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: shrimp chow mein
  • Drinking: wild cherry pepsi
SATELLITE CITY(sporadic updates)

:new: Added characters and changed (almost) everyones' name

-DJ Gigas

-The Seven Sins of Memory

ATTITUDES & ALTITUDE (sporadic updates)


Sheldon "Machado" James Calamar - Kraken - 19 years old
Jeanette Eden Tehrani - Djinn -18 years old
Melina Ann Alonzo - Manananggal - 18 years old
Carey "X" Christopher Kringle - Light Elf/Ljósálfr (Santa Claus) - 18 years old
Salomé Chanel Ammerman - Succubus - 18 years old

Corbin Luis Ocampo - Kapre - 17 years old

Simmon Lucas Calamar - Kraken - 16 years old
Xenugia Galana Cthulhu - Alien - 16 years old
Allison Carol Lewis - Esper (Alice in Wonderland) - 16 years old


Wormwood High School
Janelle Roquita Navarro - Cecaelia: Giant Pacific Octopus - 19 years old
Bebe Marie Tempus - Goddess of Snow - 18 years old
Noah Joseph Belleci - Satyr - 18 years old
Anwar Bakhoum - Sphinx - 18 years old
Iris Ashley Risshun - Tennyo (Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow) - 19 years old
Mariel Lynn Gallo - Oni - 18 years old
Chandar Allen Abraham - Gandharva - 19 years old
Lucinda "Cindy" Aimee Menzel (Cinderella)- Fairy: Dragonfly - 18 years old
Hugh Sterling Sato - Incubus - 19 years old
Darren Everett Lualdi - Gorgon - 18 years old

Samara Michelle Hamilton - Sandman/Goddess of Sleep - 17 years old
Valente "Van" Carson Lombardi - Sprite: Venus Fly Trap - 17 years old
Cyrus Singh - Android - 17 years old
Abel Zachary Cartagen - Yeti
Victoria Shelley Wollstonecraft - Flesh Golem (Bride of Frankenstein) - 10 years old (assembled as 18)
Rayner Alexander Bennett - Kitsune - 17 years old
Reginaldo Vhong Angeles - Goblin - 17 years old
Ziya Ariel Monroe - Aziza (The Caterpillar) - 18 years old
Carter Zheng-Williams - Dragon: Chinese (The Jabberwock) - 18 years old
Jacy John Purser - Berserker: Black Bear - 17 years old
Cassidy Claire Washington - Harpy: Dove - 17 years old
Mitchell Hugo Blitzbeine - Satyr - 18 years old
Heather "Hex" Leroux - Salamander - 17 years old

Maria Linda Ramos - Ghost (Bloody Mary) - 17 years old (at time of death)
Alexander Ray Bennett - Kitsune - 15 years old
Raziel Jonas Gallo - Angel - 15 years old
Anjali Rhys Brosnan - Asura - 16 years old
Ava Grace Paruparo - Sylph - 16 years old
Anamaria Yasmin Maddox - Siren: fish-type - 16 years old
Duncan Frank Lyman - Warlock (Dorothy) - 16 years old
Connor Lee Hornby - Brownie - 16 years old
Geraldine Eva Maddox - Mermaid: Manta Ray - 16 years old
Jade Rhiannon Ossman-Moreno - Animated Puppet - 16 years old
David "Kiyoshi" Sheehan - Dragon: Chinese - 15 years old
Demarius "Ryou" Smythe - Vampire - 15 years old
Alan Zheng-Williams - Hone-Onna - 16 years old

Carmine Anthony Capucci - Gnome - 14 years old
Astin Patrick Kringle - Alien (Shooting Star) - 15 years old
Tharaline Lea Cucuero - Star Goddess (Tala) - 14 years old
Melinda "Mindy" Kikue Kurosaki - Ohaguro-Bettari - 14 years old

Olympus Academy
Tanner Dennis Hansen - Undine - 18 years old


Wormwood High School
Mary Christmas Kringle - Light Elf/Ljósálfr (Mrs. Claus) - 43 years old - Home Economics - mother of Carey Kringle
Shiela Ursula Capucci - Mermaid: Atlantic Sea Nettle - 24 years old - School Nurse - older sister to Machado and Simmon Calamar
Jael Strauss Gallo - Angel - 40 years old - German - mother of Mariel and Raziel Gallo
Ignacio Mark Russell - Angel (Icarus) - 31 years old - Metal Shop
Zanipolo Alesso Capucci - Gargoyle - 28 years old - U.S. Government
Koemon Gojira - Dinosaur (Godzilla) - 47 years old - Geology
Bertram X-21300 - Android (Grey Goo) - 35 years old - Computer Applications
Xephemia Zandria Cthulhu - Alien - 45 years old - Calculus - mother of Xenugia Cthulhu
Rhion Oscar Gray - Incubus (Dorian Gray) - 48 years old - Photography
Adam Tristan Pengrove - Angel (Adam) - 33 years old - Financial Officer - father of Kevin and Allen Pengrove
Katrina Pesado - Skeleton (La Catrina Calaveras) - 69 years old (time of death) - School Librarian
Sentai Sakai - Android - 1 year old (built as 25) - Photography
Zeke 'Eeks' Ericson - Jotunn: Fire - 32 years old - Psychology
Lydia Wollstonecraft - Alchemist - 39 years old - mother of Vicki Wollstonecraft
Sylvania Pigford - Yeti - 27 years old - Receptionist
Sybil Raidne - Siren: Bird-type - 29 years old - Choir

CATHARSIS (on hold)

"...wearing red makes people think I'm more. That I'm strong enough to be seen."

"...but why is that important, making people think you're not what you are?"

"...tatemae and honne. What you pretend to believe, and what you actually believe."

"...Why are you trying to fight it? We gave up for a reason."

"...I worry, you know. That's what I do; I melt scrap metal and worry."

"...that's a dumb reason, not to care because you don't think you're involved."

"...the smoke rises, and disappears. I can't say I'm jealous, but it must be nice to be free."

" don't apologize, because that means you feel bad, and you never feel bad."

"...and the world asked for an answer."

" lack nunchi. I'm afraid this is unacceptable."

JanusGaia - World Icon
JanusGaia - Wrought Roses
JanusGaia - Red Earth
JanusGaia - Geo Thermal
subVERSE - Fantasy Flygirl
subVERSE - Feudal Disco
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PsychoDemon13 Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
I would like to say I love your art work its just so freakin awesome and you should always speak your mind no matter what people say..... Your work is like my friend Nanette would say Beast Mode!!!!
Oniriri-chan Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, are people still being trollz and sh*t nowadays?
What year is this again? Are we not the 21st century?
"Its wrong to be fat", "Its wrong to be gay", "woman are baby making factories that should just stay being housewives" Seriously? REALLY?
UGH. ITS ALL THE SAME WITH TODAY'S FCKED UP SOCIETY. And really, its irritating the sh*t out of me.
Whatever happen to people with closed minds having closed mouths?
Was there never a time where people could roam around and just not give a fck about each other?
And whatever happen to self control?
People on this planet need to stop downgrading others and get the fck real already. Oppression seriously isn't the answer to anything. We've been thru way too many generations now for this crap to still be happening...
waterdancer Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Student General Artist
i got confused cause you have the same journal skin as me. i was all like "why did i go to my journal? oh wait, not my journal."

but yeah, retards. >:[ probably just a troll.
BBG4ya Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Im such a nosey person |3
Best Decision to make. You don't need to hear the shit they spew. D<

Aeolus06 Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Or their mommy didn't love them.
Aeolus06 Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sounds like someone doesn't have any friends :no: Damn shame
Okagami Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
Is "Jesus on a biscuit" coined? I'd like to use that one 8D
Grudge-Glamorous Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You can use it :D I grant thee full rights to say it as often as you like as long as you dont market it :D
Okagami Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
... damn

Ninapedia Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
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